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    Unhappy tplink m7350 EU V3 poor LTE speeds on Sure IOM

    Model : M7350

    Hardware Version : M7350(EU) v3.0

    Firmware Version : 1.1.1 Build 160330 Rel.1002n

    ISP : Sure

    Hi i recently bought a M7350 to use with my Sure (Isle of Man) pay as you go sim card and i dunno why but the speedtest is under what i was expecting this is the lowest download speed i got on LTE:


    and this was the fastest:


    what i cant understand is whith the huawei E5573 i had before i was getting these speeds:


    and even with the huawei dongle E3276 that i currently have replacing the M7350 (because im not impressed with the speeds even with the mifi right in the window nothing improves) im getting this result:


    My question is how can this be possible would this mifi be incompatible with Sure LTE (isp) which i dont see why or is there any issue with this 4G mifi anyone could make me try to understand what is going on here and what would be the fix i bought this mifi because it was the most recommended and TP-Link always was awesome on devices but this one is really letting me down.

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