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    High level guidance for favoring parents over kids

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    I have 3 dsl lines. 3,4 and 5 mb.

    I am running dhcp on windows server essential at home. I give the parents one range of ip's and the kids another. (Later I would like to default all new devices as guests with yet another range and limit the bandwidth to 1 mb)

    I just purchased a tl-er5120.

    I could put the kids on the 3 via dhcp an balance the parents over the 4 and 5 mb lines via the tl-er5120. That would work but I don't mind having the kids have fast internet if the parents are not affected.

    Can I have the kids balanced over the 3 and 4 and have the parents balanced over 3,4,5? I want to make sure the setup always has room to spare for he parents.

    What the best way accomplish my objective via the tl-er5120?

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    Hi Kirkbrack

    The router can limit the bandwidth or guarantee the bandwidth for IP group.


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