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    Question Questions about the Archer MR200 Router

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    I looked for a 4G Router and came up to buy a MR200 Router. I read some reviews of the router and some people say that this router destroys the sim card...? is that true?

    I heard the router only support 5V sim cards? I don't really know how much V mine has.

    Second question: Does this Router also has the bandwidth control?

    All regards, Styria

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    The router do has bandwidth control , i dont know about this sim card issue , i use any sim card no problem
    but my router i can see that only left hand antenna port is working and sucking signal , right side seems dead to me , what about you ?

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    Does the Router support also mini sim? I havent bought the router yet, i want myself to inform before i buy it

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    yes it support it , it has a plastic cover to hold the mini sim

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    It seems the router sold with a plastic cover for nano sim? Great, i just want a LTE router as a backup to my VDSL

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    Can this router be set up to work as a wireless router connected to landline ISP at the same time as being connected to a 4G provider and share traffic?


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