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    HS200 in a circuit shared with a 3 way switch.

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    I'm trying to install a HS200 switch in the following configuration and cannot get it to work. Currently the switch is receiving power and I've successfully linked to my Wifi, but the lights will not turn on.

    I have a two gang switch configuration. One switch only controls the outside porch lights (this is the one I'm trying to replace with the HS200) and the other is a 3 way switch that controls the foyer light. There are four cables that run into the box and they are all on the same circuit. The four neutral wires are pigtailed together and I've attached the neutral wire on the HS200 to this pigtail. The four ground wires are also pigtailed together with a single ground wire coming out of the green pigtail nut and continuing through both switches. The hot wires from the two power cables are also pigtailed together. Finally, the hot wires from the two lights are attached to the load wires/nuts on their respective switches.

    I hope this makes sense!

    Basically, I'm trying to replace a single pole switch that only controls one light, but it is part of a circuit that includes a 3 way switch. Is there a way to get this to work?

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    I am having this EXACT same issue. Same thing. Trying to control an outdoor porch light. Any answers yet??? Thanks!

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    When I read JerryMcM's post, it struck me that this is what I have and I'm having trouble getting my HS200 working as well. I'm no electrician, but I've done many small repairs safely and this should qualify as small.

    So I went back to the area and took both light switches out to dig a little deeper. Initially, I had only pulled out the switch I'm trying to replace, but now I'm able to diagram the wires and hopefully figure things out.

    I'm hoping this picture shows up, but I'll describe it anyway. There are 3 multi-wire cables coming into the back of the box wires. The white wires in all 3 come together and are capped, not connected to anything else. I hadn't noticed those initially. The bare ground wires in all 3 come together and 2 come out and connect to the 2 switches.

    The only visible red wire comes from the left cable and goes straight to the 3-way switch, as does the black wire from the left.

    The black wire from the right cable goes straight to the switch for the outside light - the switch I want to replace with the HS200.

    The black wire from the center cable connects to both switches. It loops around a screw on one switch and connects to the 3-way switch.

    Since the HS200 has 2 black wires, one white and the ground, I'm now thinking I need to connect the white with those 3 capped white wires and the 2 blacks with the 2 blacks that are currently connected to the switch I'm replacing.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    Junior Member pdesjardins is on a distinguished road
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    Jan 2018
    I was correct. I connected the HS200's white wire to the 3 capped white wires and the two black wires to the looped black wire (although I had cut it at the loop in my earlier failed attempts. That did it!

    Hey Google... turn on the front door light!


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