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    Use TL-ER604W with MMDS ISP

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    I want to use the TL-ER604W to connect my local network to both a MMDS (microwave) ISP and a DSL provider. I think I have figured out how to reconfigure the Telmex modem/router to bridge mode for the DSL connection, but the MMDS ISP is entirely uncooperative in terms of providing information. Their system appears to locate all the router functionality inside their network where I have no control over it. When I connect to their equipment via the LAN port on the POE injector to the dish on the roof, it assigns local IP addresses. These all point to a gateway which I cannot access using a web browser.
    So, is this hopeless, or is there some simple way I can configure the TL-ER604W to connect to this system on WAN1 and to the DSL modem on WAN2?
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