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    Help with setting up TP-Link

    Model :

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    TP-Link WR841ND

    Hello there , im trying to setup this model of TPLink as my AP
    I wold be grateful if someone can explain me how to do that step by step. (Main thing i need is that my tp link is in other room and supply internet there only trough Wi-Fi connection, since i have router witch internet provider gave me , i wanna use this TPlink as other AP so other people can have internet but not having access to my other wireless equipment such as TV,Chromecast, Printer etc) Im also interested can i set this up via wireless connection only somehow (via mobile phone browser) , or i need to plug in TPLink with ethernet cable into laptop or such?
    P.S. mainly reason is that i dont wanna have TP link connected with cables after setup , only plug into power and sending wifi signal around

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