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I have recently bought the smart plug RE270K (HS110).

My Access Point TL-WA901ND is connected to the "ConnectBox" (integrated CableModem + Router) of Unitymedia (my German Internet-Service Provider).

Problem 1:
- Now I wanted to connect RE270K to TL-WA901ND.
- Both ways (1, via Kasa-App;2. via Webfrontend ( and direct connect RE270K via LAN to my laptop) failed although following directions exactly

Problem 2:
- TL-WA901ND will not show in the admin-tool of the "ConnectBox" as an own device- only the WLAN devices that are already connected to the TL-WA901ND as being connected to the respective Ethernet-Port of the "ConnectBox"
=> I cannot configure the TL-WA901ND via "" any more - even if I connect TL-WA901ND directly to the Laptop via LAN-cable and disable WLAN
=> so I cannot even control what happened when trying to connect RE270K to TL-WA901ND (see problem 1)

I would be grateful for hints / solutions.

Best regards.