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Thread: Sg1024de - poe?

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    Sg1024de - poe?

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    I purchased the SG1024DE SMART Switch to do some testing as we get ready to replace a number of switches in our school. One of the key features we were looking for was the availability of a switch with PoE support on at least a few ports. On both the web site and in the manual that came with the switch, there is reference to 8 ports on the switch that support PoE, however, there is no reference on the switch, in the manual or through the UI regarding activating the PoE feature or setting the voltage, etc. I went so far as to connect a PoE device to all the ports to see if it was auto-sensing, but nothing happened.

    Please advise.

    Does the switch support PoE on any of its ports? If so, which ports and how do you activate/manage the feature?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbuzzell View Post
    Does the switch support PoE on any of its ports?
    No. The TL-SG 1024DE is a smart switch, but has no PoE ports - this is clearly stated on the TP-Link website.

    If you are looking for PoE-capable switches, why don't you use the category filters at the website for selection to just show PoE-capable switches?

    Here is a listing for PoE-capable switches (this list format is not available on the US/international TP-Link site, but you can replace the '.de' by '.com' if looking at the switches after you found one which fits): http://www.tp-link.de/products/biz-list-5351.html

    And BTW: PoE needs not to be "turned on", it will automatically provide power if a powered device is connected.
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