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    Question VR600 and apple products

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    Got a strange one and not sure if its the phone or the router. I have an apple x phone and a MacBook air that can connect to 2,4ghz but cant connect to 5ghz, when i try i get wrong password, i also have a apple time capsule that has wifi and again with this i get a wrong password on the 5ghz channel which makes me think its iOS 11.2 thats the issue but at my fiancee who also has a 5ghz network I can connect with phone no issue.

    So then I don't know is it the phone or the router, if I reset the router then I can connect to 5ghz for a short space of time but then we get back to the password issue, the same thing strangely happens with the apple time capsule but on both frequencies and doesn't work even if you reset the time capsule connected via LAN until you reset the router.

    This only seems to happen since the update to iOS which makes me think apple products but why not work with mine but fine with fiancee, she uses a EE supplied router.

    Any pointers


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    Always have new issue when a new system is relesed.Incompatibility issue is always frustrating that's why i do not believe some new products

    Well it seems ios 10 donot have the same issue?I think you should contact both Apple and TP-LINK support.


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