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    HS 105 WiFi Smart Plug

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    Just got our HS105 Wifi Smart Plug to use with living room light. In learning the features, we have set the "AWAY" mode for 3 hours. I know the guide says it will turn off and on randomly during the time period we have set. It is off much more than on. Only comes on for just a few minutes, then goes off for awhile. Is this normal? Shouldn't it be on more than off?

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    I have never counted the number of on/off.......does this make any difference?

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    Yes, it does make a difference ....I set it for 3 hours, it comes on at designated time, then less than 60 seconds later it goes off, and doesn't come on again for another hour. Then it does the same thing, blinks on for a few seconds, then back off again. Probably didn't even get 5 minutes of "on" time during the whole 3 hours. That doesn't really make any sense if that is all it is going to be on. Tried another one, an there seems to be a sequence, 25 minutes on, about 10 minutes off, then keep repeating the cycle. So I do believe the first one was defective.

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    My seems to remain on more than off. Would be nice to know what the random sequence is.


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