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    EAP245 - No 5Ghz SSID Visible

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    hello, greetings from Papua, Indonesia

    can anyone help? my eap245 5ghz band doesnt work, ive made multiple ssid, none is detected, radio is enabled, everything else is in auto

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    Maybe you can check whether you have enabled the SSID broadcast.

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    Ya already did that, still nothing

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    1. Make sure your wifi clients(cellphones, pc)support 5GHz by checking their specifications or check any possible 5G wifi signal on the WLAN list.

    2. Which country code were you setting to? If you are located in Indonesia, Please choose a country code in Indonesia.
    According to this article http://www.mrt-cert.com/en/news/Late...ions/1229.html, Indonesia is ONLY supposed to have 20 bandwidth as an option on the 5GHz channel (Channel 149 to max channel 161). The you can fix 5GHz on EAP245 to 149 or 161.


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