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    Cool what wrong with my m7650

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    i just brought my M7650 and one sim card pay as go by vodafone. when i put it in is just work for 5 mins after that is not working any more i mean the internet can not used internet. what wrong with my M7650 or vodafone. M7650 can use with any sim card any where in this worlds.Thanks

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    Can M7650 connect to Internet again if you reboot it?
    You should check whether the card conforms the standard, maybe you can have a test with another SIM card.

    You can login M7650's management page ( to check whether it get WAN IP/ whether the SIM card is detected, if the SIM card is detected but the IP is 0, you can try to create a profile manually (Advanced -- Network --Internet)

    If the problem persist, it is recommended to contact tplink support for help.

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    what wrong with my m7650

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    How can I open the contents of debug log file for SD card? QMDL file (.qmdl)
    [h=2]TP-Link M7650[/h]


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