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    TL-SG1016PE powering CPE210

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    I try to power a TL-CPE210 Accesspoint with one of the PoE ports of TL-SG1016PE, but this does not work.

    The CPE210 works with the power injector T240100-2-PoE. The CPE210 is my only PoE device, so I cannot test with others.

    It this a general incompatibility, or just a configuration thing? The SG1016PE is in factory default (just changed the IP).
    If this is a incompatibility, which switch I have to use to power CPE210?

    The fan is running all the time. Is this normal, or is there a possibility to run the fan only if necessary?


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    The CPEs need 24 volts passive PoE, not 802.3af PoE (48 volts). An injector for passive PoE is included with each CPE, just use this adapter.


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