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    T2600G-28MPS create 2 tagged vlans

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    I'm trying to create vlans with 2 x T2600G switches. Here are the requirements to the network:

    The 2 switches are connected together on Port 24
    On Ports 1 - 8 on both Switches I want to create a VLAN called VOIP for my Phones. They get the IP Adress over DHCP from a Fritz box connected to the first Switch on Port 8. (192.168.137.x)
    On Ports 9 - 23 on both Switches I want to create a vlan for my PCs and Servers called NETWORK. They get the IP Adress over DHCP from a Router connected to port 23. (192.168.1.x)

    I tried the following configuration but it didn't work. I created the VLAN VOIP with port 1 - 8 on both switches. The default System-VLAN is port 9-24 on both switches. Then I defined port 24 as trunk on both switches but on the second switch I get IP Adresses (192.168.1.x) on Port 1 -8 instead of (192.168.137.x).

    Has somebody an idea or description how to configure the vlans correct.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Create a VLAN - say 37 - and assign ports 1-8 to it. The PVID should be 37.

    Assign port 24 to VLAN 37 and VLAN 1 as tagged (trunk) port. Its PVID must remain the System_VLAN (or whatever your second VLAN ID is).

    You can leave all remaining ports (9-23) members of the default System_VLAN, but make sure to remove ports 1-8 from it.


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