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Thread: Wireless Bridge

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    Wireless Bridge

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    At the Moment we have two Routers with a Outdoor Directional Antenna and a Outdoor OmniDirectional Antenna on the other side. The Routers connect via Bridge Mode. How can i realize it withTP Link. Can i use CPE510 with our antennas?

    If not, which router can i use.

    Thank you
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    Actually, CPE510 has built-in directional antenna, and it doesn't support external antenna.

    WBS510 can support external antenna. It has two RP-SMA-Female antenna interface.

    So please confirm that your antenna's interface is RP-SMA-Male. If your antenna's interface is N-type, you may need a pigtail to connect the WBS510 and antenna.
    Like this:http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/d...-ANT200PT.html

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    Thank you for your answer.

    The WBS510 Looks good. But i thought i can only connect MIMO-Antennas? And our antennas have only one connector.

    Is it still possible or not ?

    Thank you

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    WBS510 have two antenna interface, so it can connect with two Antennas.

    But you can only connect with one antenna.

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    how many connect to use Bridge
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