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    How to download the ISP file from TP-LINK?

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    I'm looking how to download the ISP FILE from TP-LINK. In the help it says the following:

    [h=4]ISP Update Help[/h]You can update the ISP information on this page.

    Note: It is important to keep the device powered on during the entire update process, as any loss of power may damage your device.

    To update the device:
    1. Download the latest ISP update file from the Support page at www.tp-link.com to your computer.
    2. Click Browse to locate and select the latest file
    3. Click Update

    But if you look at the website you can't find that flle. Any help on this?

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    What's the model number? What's ISP update file? You mean the firmware for the product?

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    The model is the M7350.If you go to the Administration Page ó> Advanced ó> Dial-up , inside there you will find a section called ISP update. There it says you can download the ISP file in the Tp-Link support page, but I canít find it.


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