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    Question Archer CR700 Firmware

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    So i decided to check if there was a new firmware and i can no longer find the downloads for this modem, Im on firmware v1.1.0 Build 20170314 and i want to know if it is up too date, i bought this modem so i dont think my isp can give me a update but i am still not sure. I also noticed the firmware update option in system tools is gone too in this update and is that a problem or will it automatically be updated?

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    The firmware for cable modems can only be pushed from ISP side, so the manufacturer sends the firmware to ISP, ISP tests that, and push it to the end users, we are not able to update the firmware manually.

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    The question I would like actually answered related to this, is what is the newest firmware for the Archer CR700 that has been released by tp-link? I realize that the cable companies must push it out, but if I know what has been released, I can then put pressure on the isp to release what has been given to them.... especially because the unit is now very susceptible to the latest exploits of wifi.


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