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    Archer AC3200 - VPN for use with iPad / IOS

    Model : Archer C3200

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 0.9.1 0.1 v004b.0 Build 160116 Rel.5035n

    ISP : Virgin[/COLOR]

    Hi All,

    Wonder if you can help a frustrated noob please?

    I'm trying to setup an inbound, VPN to allow both IOS 10 and Android to connect to my home network and pick up an IP address from that home network.
    Android isn't an issue - it'll support PPTP
    IOS is an issue - it'll only support IPSEC/L2TP

    I have another router which only supports PPTP or OpenVPN This is no good.
    Reason it needs to connect in, and get an IP from the home network is to allow Virgins TV Anywhere app to browse content stored on the Virgin TiVo 6 box. Has to be on the home network to do this!

    My question is.
    Can the Archer C3200 create a remote access L2TP VPN and allow the DHCP side of it to issue a local IP?

    Thanks so much.


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    C3200 only can setup IPSec VPN, doesn't support PPTP/L2TP setup.

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    Thanks vieldcs.....
    I'll send it back and find another solution


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