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    Can the Deco 5 mesh with the TP Link Archer C7

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    Hi all

    I have a 3 layer system at home, Fiber connection is via a Draytek Vigor2760 which acts as primary gateway/firewall/DHCP/static MAC/IP Binding etc point, This is then wired into a TP Link 24 port/GB Switch (TL-SG1024D),

    All my hard wired devices is cabled into this switch, in addition to my Wifi AP: Archer C7.

    Problem is my house have a couple of very thick solid walls which cuts down on Wifi coverage, At the moment, it looks like the Deco 5 is the best solution,

    Any chance the Deco 5's can mesh with the Archer C7 or is it a replacement... solution.


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    I don't think C7 can mesh with Deco, they are different products, C7 is not a mesh network.


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