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    Archer C5400 Bandwidth control option

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    I have archer c5400, I did not fine below options

    Bandwidth Control option

    Because I want to divide internet speed for many users. I found home care, QOS, Parental control options in tp link archer c5400 router but these options don't have Bandwidth divide option for users
    Past time I watched many videos on youtube about tp link router setting the majority of videos showed Bandwidth divide option in tp link router please help me because I don't have unlimited internet
    a package that's why I want to control internet speed for reducing downloading speed for router user and safe my internet consumption volume.

    my internet speed is 10mb and I can consume only 250GB volume in one month.

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    My Archer C5400 Router Details

    My Archer C5400 Router Details

    Model: Archer C5400(EU) Ver :2.0

    Firmware Version :1.2.2 Build 20170912 rel.56240(4555)

    Hardware Version:ArcherC5400 v2.0

    Latest Version:1.2.2 Build 20170912 rel.56240

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    Hi, seems the new web interface has removed the Bandwidth, and use QoS instead of.

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    QoS doesn't have any option to control bandwidth for each user I want to divide my bandwidth speed for many users, Please help me because I bought new router (Archer C5400) for this purpose

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    Seems no other options there.

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    I will buy another brand router just like TENDA if I will not find solution for my problem


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