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    LTE MR200 Router Speed at 20mbps Only? Help!

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    Okay, so I live where there are no fiber optics so my internet dsl is slow... it peaks at 6mbps while paying a rate the same as my friend with at 1,000mbps connection in the city.
    Now that there are unlimited phone network plans again where I'm from, I got a family plan and I'll use one of the sim for my new Dlink LTE router.

    I did some speed testing and here's how it came out (all using the same sim card):

    On my phone: 100mbps
    On my phone as a hotspot: 50mbps
    On my new LTE router: 20mbps

    So I contacted the network and they said the problem must be with my router. But I suspect it's not. It must be controlled by the network that when it serves as a tether, it will be throttled to go slower. But this is all just a hunch. I mean, coming from a 6mbps, 20mbps is not bad at all! But still... the faster the better.

    I also tried ethernet connection to the router... still capped at around the same speed. FYI, the LTE signals are at 75% and 100% in the tests.

    Anyone have any knowledge on this?

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    What's the hardware and firmware version of your router, try update the firmware and see if it helps.

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    Hello! I have the latest firmware.

    It seems the network has put a cap on the simcard when it's being used on a router. Other subscribers told me the same thing. We're all capped at around 20mbps when used with any router.


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