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    Archer C2300 v1.0 - Firmware v2.0.0 Build 20170922 Problems

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    Hello all. I've updated my firmware on my C2300 to Build 20170922 after which I restored a previously backed up configuration. Since updating,
    I've been unable to create Profiles under Parental Controls,
    I've been unable to set any QoS Application Priority config,
    I've been unable to turn on any of the Antvirus Protection Types (Malicious Content Filter, IPS or Infected Device Quarantine.

    This is Release 32364 by the way. Is there some way for me to have access to the settings? Creating a Parental Control Profile seems to work until I get to the final page then when I click Save, some of the font goes red even though I've selected the check boxes and set up a schedule.

    When I try to set a QoS Application Priority, I see this: Name:  app_priority_fails.PNG
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    And the Antvirus page cannot enable the individual Protection Types individually. When I select Enable All, then leave the page and return the settings are all disabled again.
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    Hi, try restore the router to factory settings, and don't restore the back up configuration file, then see if you have the same issue with the default settings.

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    Thank you, your suggestion has resolved all those issues in one go.


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