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TL-WPA4220 KIT V1.20

Hi, I bought the above kit a couple of months ago and it has been great. No problems whatsoever. Recently however I started having problems with printers. I have two printers, both wifi. They started showing as offline at random intervals. To cut a long story short I have narrowed this down to it only happening when the av600 is running.
I have a network called ‘virgin138’. If I start the av600 I then have two networks called ‘virgin 138’. Sometimes they are on the same channel and sometimes not. It seems that when the pc is connected to the av600 virgin138, they wont work (although just to be awkward, occasionally they do), they show as offline. If I turn the av600 off, both printers will always come back online and work fine.

It has only recently started doing this but I have changed nothing and I have rebooted and restarted everything.

Any advice appreciated