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    TL-WPA8630P KIT - phase coupler yes or no?

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    [h=1]Hello and good evening,

    I am using the TL-WPA8630P KIT AV1200 with 2x2 MIMO standard. In fact, in my house from the VDSL router in the basement to my 2nd floor office, which may be 10-20meters of wiring in between, I get connections of between 50 and 100 Mpbs.[/h]
    I know that because of MIMO technology in these 1200 PLC adapters, the question on which phase of my house wiring each adapter is plugged in is not so important anymore because the kits also uses the third set of wires. So, in general you can find the information on the internet "...that you do not need a phase coupler in your fuse box..." for the MIMO PLC adapters to work properly.

    While that may be true, I cannot find an answer to the question if a phase coupler would still ad some more speed to my PLC connections, or would it be totally useless in my setup? I.E. could it be possible that phase coupler would bring me to a better speed of 400 MBps or even 1200 Mbps? Or would it be a totally useless investment to make, and 90 Mbps is what you get over this distance?

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    What's the link speed shows on the tpplc utility? Did you test the speed when the adapters in the same room?

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    Phase couplers are nothing to do with MIMO.

    MIMO uses two communication channels: live+neutral, live+ground.

    Your house may have multiple "live" wire phases, that's where you need the coupling (or, more typically, don't).

    Therefore, anyone who says that phase couplers aren't needed anymore with MIMO is definitely talking nonsense.

    That said, phase couplers usually don't do much good either. The #1 major improvement for a multi-phase PLC setup is to use devolo's dLAN 1200 DINrail product. That is a three-phase AV1200 PLC that mounts directly inside the fusebox. Feed this directly from your router, and use regular AV1200 kit everywhere else in your house. In my house, installing this product in my basement fusebox made my top floor PLC jump from 45 to 400 Mbit/s, everything else at least doubled in speed from the previous setup where the router fed into a regular plug-in PLC.
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    I also looked at the Devolo DINrail. What I am not sure about: Does the speed really get better because your router was plugged into the DINrail? Or did it get better on a 1200 PLC network because the Devolo Dinrail has a built in phase coupler as well? As I was not planning to move my router next to the fusebox, I jhad considered this updated Allnet Phasecoupler - any experiences with this?



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    Btw, it is devolo in their own FAQv who say that phasecouplers are not needed due to MIMO :-)


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    In different phase, the link of PLC devices may be influenced, so please use them in the same phase. This link may help you.

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    The DINrail device, if hooked directly to the internet router, maximizes the internet throughput because it has direct access to all three phases. I also saw a massive speed increase between devices in my own house, from two- to tenfold.

    True, phase couplers are rarely actually needed, but that DINrail thing is the shit. Period.


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