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    AC500/CAP300+CAP1750 Guestvoucher

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    I want to install a voucher based wireless network for our guests.
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    AP ports, router and controller are set to TRUNK 1/2T on the switch. AC500 GE1 is set to 1/2T GENERAL and the Router accepts VLAN1/2T in "mixed mode".
    Switch: >
    Router: > IF on the Router)

    When I try to connect to the guest network I get redirected to the voucher authentification page as planned. However it redirects you to instead of the local
    This does obviously not work as the clients are not in the same subnet.
    Using (LANCOM) as the default GW does not route to (Controller) as default GW does load the auth page, no connection to the internet. (Cisco Switch L3) as default GW does not route to either.

    What works however is setting the GW to, login in with a voucher, setting the GW back to or to access the internet.

    Is there a way to change the default URL for the splashpage or a simple solution to setup a route to the controller?

    I'm grateful for every piece of advise!

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    Assign the CAPs and the AC500 to a mgmt subnet as outlined in http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....mp-AC-products. Set a static route from the guest subnet to the AC500 to allow access to the portal page. The AC500 must not be part of the guest network, rather it must be only reachable by guest devices and it must be able to reach the CAPs for controlling them.

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    Thank you. After removing the AC interface from the guestnetwork the portal page loaded properly and everything seems to work.

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    You're welcome. Great that it works now.


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