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    Archer C3150 V2: OpenVPN certifcate - error parsing config key

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    Hi all,

    I'm struggling the following for a few days now.. I wan't to setup OpenVPN for multiple clients on my Archer C1350 V2 (but lets start with one) and I keep getting error messages when i porting the opvn file in the OpenVPN app of my IphoneSe

    I've followed the instructions on the website:
    - didn't change any of the ports
    - created a dynamic dns with noip (but also tried it with the external ip addres)
    - created and exported the opvn file
    - imported the file via iTunes to my iphone

    What ever, I do, I keep getting the following error:
    Core_error PolarSSL: error parsing config private key : PK - Invalid key tag or value : ANS1 - ASN1 tag was of an unexpected value

    I've opened the opvn file in Notepad++. Can't see anything strange, however, I have no clue where to look I compared it with a colleague of mine, but he has user ID / password. When I change my file in line with his, I've been asked (off course) to fill out userid password which hasn't been created so that doens't work.

    As far as I can see, there is no other way to create the certificate in the router.

    Any ideas?
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    Is your router EU or US version? What's the current firmware version? Did you try it on Android phone?

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    Red face Fixed: beta software resolved the issue

    Hi Shield101, my firmware is the EU version. I don't have an android foon to try. I did try with multiple Ios phones (different models)

    However: It took some time for this thread to be published, so in the meantime (friday 1AM when I was really fed up ) I talked to an employee via chat and she provided me with a beta version of the software (Archer C3150(EU)_V2_170904_beta). This turned out to be the solution. A fix in 5 min whereas I was already struggling for 2 days


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