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    Print direct from Android to Wireless Print Server TL-WPS510U

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    Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to print directly from an Android device to any printer connected to a TP-Link Wireless Print Server TL-WPS510U on the same network?

    On the product page, it says:

    "With the TL-WPS510U, there is no need for a dedicated computer anymore, everyone on the network is empowered to print to a shared printer at any time."

    However, it looks like you still need a laptop/desktop in the house since there is no mention of it working directly with Andriod or iOS

    My elderly neighbour has a very slow old PC and only needs it so he can print things out - everything else he does with his Samsung Tablet. I told him he can buy a wireless print server and throw out his PC - but maybe I'm wrong?

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    Only if the printer company provides the printer driver for the tablet, then he can use the tablet to print through the TL-WPS510U.

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    Aha thanks Ada, I will find out what printer he has and hopefully it will have a printer driver for Android...


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