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    How to get over a hill outdoors? Will two EAP110's do this for me?

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    Would like to get 2.4gHz over a hill outdoors? Will two EAP110's do this for me?
    If not, which TP product(s) will?

    I would need to use browser interface to set up (Mac).


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    More details about your environment would help understand better. Like how far is it between the two locations? and between them is there a hill? And what's the height differences between the hill and two locations.

    of up to 200 metrs

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    thanks carat.house on one side of hill, eave mount point about 10-15' below peak of hill where other AP mount could be.other sides of hill need signal at 10-40' below peak.minimal trees or obstructions.just looking for sporadic web access for 2 users so we don't eat up our cellular data plans which we use now.thanks

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    Difficult to give recommendations if you don't provide enough details such as the exact location (latitude, longitude), distance of both houses etc.

    For example, if the following matches your location, there is no change to get over the hill except to either place a relay on top of the hill or to go around the hill. In the latter case, you could probably get around the hill with only one additional device as a relay station, but to tell wether this would work, the angle needs to be calculated. You need at least to ensure a free LoS in the 1st fresnel zone with a 60% clearance below:

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