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    How to configure 2 CPE510 to work as Ethernet port transparent bridge

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    Hi, please let me know if there is a configuration posible to link 2 buildings using two CPE510.

    - 2 Bulding separated 220 metres each other.
    - at building 1, the ISP installed a Internet Service with 5 public IPs available to use, enabled in a single port of their router;
    - at building 2 is our router where we wish to have the 5 public IPs that the ISP provided to us;
    - at building 2 our router has enough ports to set one IP of the ISP range to each port (load balancer);

    To have internet Access and all other services we need at building 1, everithing going through the 2 CPE510 linked by wireless.

    It is not clear to us, into the CPE510 interface how to achieve it, and we got different results none of them were satisfying our requirement.

    If CPE510 is not suitable for this, just let me know.

    Thank you in advance for your time answering this.

    Best regards,


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    The CPE in building 1 should be configured as an AP, while the CPE in building 2 needs to be in client mode:

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    The device(s) connected to the client need to be set to the subnet from your provider with a default route to the ISP's router, which almost certainly works as a modem gateway in this case, not as a router. If you connect a router to the client CPE, it would need to handle the 5 IPs on the WAN port(s), which can be distributed to 5 LAN devices using appropriate forwarding rules.

    For management access to the CPEs you would assign two private IP addresses to them, which likewise must be forwarded from the LAN to the WAN interface of the router in building 2.

    But note:
    - I would recommend to place the terminating router into building 1 and to transmit the LAN over the radio link.
    - Your uplink will be limited to 100 Mbps data throughput.
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    How to configure 2 CPE510 to work as Ethernet port transparent bridge

    Hi, thank you very much for your answer. The thread can be closed now. OK


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