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Thread: Recording issue

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    Recording issue

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    I have a camera TP-LINK NC250 v 1.0 and I use the soft. TP-LINK Camera Control under windows 10.
    At first I had no problem to view my recordings but after ten times I have an error that the file mp4 format can not be read.
    I installed the app. on another PC and the problem was repeated?
    If I record with my mobile on Android I have no problem, but I have a small file.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance..

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    Never meet the same issue before.
    Where do you see this error? Any screenshot?

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    Hi Vieldcs, yes I have not all time this error. During the same time of recording example 2 hours by step of 15 mins. I have maybe two or three times a record of 15 mins with the error below ( sorry it's in french ):
    " Lecture impossible.
    Le format de cet élément n'est pas pris en charge. Sélectionnez un autre élément à lire.

    I have try to read it with VLC but it's also not possible to read it.

    I have try to contact the support of TP-Link but without success...

    Thanks very much for your help

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    Give try to these quick fixes:

    Uninstall the old version of software from your PC and replace it with a new version.
    Reset your camera settings and try again to connect to your PC.
    Get Entire Security Systems from the Same Company (If possible)
    Check security camera manual for guidance.
    Contact with the technical support team for assistance.


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