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    TP-LINK T1600-28TS - CPU RISING THRESHOLD: Total CPU Utilization is 90%

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    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Afternoon team.

    We are having an issues with TP-LINK T1600-28TS

    we are the ISP providers in London - All tp-link T1600-28TS-v1 reaching CPU RISING THRESHOLD: Total CPU Utilization is 90% once it reached internet going down for 10 to 15mins after that services are going back to normal

    In a day issue occuring more than 4 to 5 times

    We cannot see any input or output errors on the interface the switches connected

    Any suggestions would be helpful

    If you need any information let me know


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    In my opinion, you need contact with tp-link technical support team directly, maybe they have beta firmware share to you.


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