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    network registration (in campground)

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    I purchased my range extender to gain access to wifi inside my trailer at campsites. I have found that any website that requires "device mac registration" along with accepting terms of use the range extender does not function. I believe this is because the extenders mac address is not registered. is there a browser client or a way to use the extender to accept terms and register the MAC address with the host site avaialble? I have an RE450

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    A possible way is to setup registration free for the range extender on the device which provides wireless internet, but it seems it is not possible for you to do that.
    For your case, you can only make sure the extender is configured successfully with the 2.4G or 5G light on, then check whether the registration web will show up on the clients.
    If the registration web doesn't show up on any of the clients, the range extender is not suitable for this scenario.


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