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    EAP245, two ip-adresses?

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    Today I install a new EAP245 and I use the web interface for the installation. I also upgraded the unit with the latest FW. In my router I notice the EAP get two different IP-adresses for same mac adress? And when I try to access the unit via "browser and IP-adress" I get stuck? Last, the unit works

    Any tips or advice?


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    If you change the IP of the EAP or if DHCP assigns another IP due to short lease expiration time, it is possible that two IPs temporarily show up in the ARP table:

    # arp -a
    IP address       HW type     Flags       HW address            Mask     Device    0x1         0x2         50:c7:bf:59:1d:c2     *        br-lan    0x1         0x2         50:c7:bf:59:1d:c2     *        br-lan
    Just clear the ARP cache to get rid of the second IP or wait until it will eventually expire.

    IMO it's always best to use static IP assignments for stationary devices unless you have very good reasons to not do so.
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    Thanks for reply, I will set up static IP in my router and EAP control software.

    BR, Lennart


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