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    WPA9610 - mb's at adapter half of what the router gives ??

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    Good day people, I have a WPA9610 kit - the adapter is connected to the router (20 cm away) with cat 5 cable, the router gives out 200 mb's (checked with ookla multiple times).
    My question being - that the 'extender adapter' WPA9610 - is plugged directly into a power point next to my PC. The PC is connected to the adapter with the supplied cable.
    Again with ookla and numerous other Internet speed testers i can only get 105/110 mb's - whats wrong here ?? All sensible help greatly accepted.

    cheers adam

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    The cat5 cable only supports 100Mbps. You need a cat5e cable, cat6 cable better.

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    Indeed ... check whether that cable you used on the router is actually a 4-pair (8-wire) cable, not a simple 2-pair 100 Mbit/s cable. You can usually see that on the transparent connector bit.


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