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    No Internet on FritzBox after connecting TL-WPA4226KIT

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    I didn't find any answer in the search mode.

    I have a FritzBox 7490 and new TL-WPA4226 KIT.
    I started to install everything, and when i inserd the Extender, my FritzBox looses its connection to the web. DSL is restarting a few times, and nothing goes back to normal.
    Even if i pull out the Extender, the Connection is offline for a while.
    In the LogFile of the FritzBox, it says it got problems with the PPOE connecting.
    What can i do???
    It only happens when i put the Extender in the Plug

    I got the phase connector in the Basement at the Main Fusebox.
    And i tryed all LAN Ports at the FritzBox.

    Kind Regads

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    Is your line vdsl line?
    Suggest you to move the adapter further away from the router and use a CAT6 cable to connect the adapter and router.
    Plug the adapter and extender both into the power socket on the wall.


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