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    Client mode in RE200 or RE210

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    Can any of these two models work as a pure Wifi Client, by completely disabling the extended networks (2.4 and 5 GHz), and just using the ethernet connection as a Wireless Bridge?

    Thank you very much!

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    If disabling the wireless function, how can the extender connect to the main router?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uutommi View Post
    If disabling the wireless function, how can the extender connect to the main router?
    Thank you for your kind answer, but it didn't resolve any of my questions.
    I've never said anything about disabling the "wireless function". It is clear to me that if I completely disable the wireless function I won't be able to connect to the main router.

    The thing is I just need it to act as a Client. My Silvercrest/Targa Wifi range extender has an option to do this, by "disabling the extended wifi" (Both 2.4 and 5 GHz), and just connects to the main router as a pure wifi client with no extended networks.
    Does anyone now if any range extender from TP-Link include this option?

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    Some extenders have an option to hide ssid, which is likely to be an client you mentioned, such as RE200 V2 and RE450.

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    I have the very same requirement.

    I bought the RE200 to provide me with a WiFi to Ethernet Client connection where the device I want to connect does not have WiFi and I cannot practically run an Ethernet cable to the router. There are at least 27 other WiFi Access points in close proximity and I don't wish to add to the noise unnecessarily! I worked out that by using the High-Speed mode I can reduce the number of repeated WiFI networks from 2 to 1, but ideally I want to switch not one but both "extender/repeater networks" off on the RE200 whilst maintaining a client connection to my router. In essence a simple WiFi to Ethernet bridge is what I'm after. I feel that the RE200 specification is misleading as my requirement is one of the use cases described and therefore why I bought it! It didn't suggest that I also had to needlessly create another repeated network alongside.

    Is there any chance that this feature might get added any time soon? I'm sure many people have bought the RE200 thinking this functionality exists. Surely it wouldn't be too hard to provide a third option to do this in the High-Speed menu. Perhaps not the best place to put it, but logically the functionality makes sense to put it with the other two options.

    I look forward to any constructive responses.

    Regards Tim

    (p.s. As an aside, I also appreciate that in High-Speed mode, theoretically I don't lose any speed assuming the extra noise doesn't degrade overall RF performance.)


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