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    VR600 and error code 9805 - no Wi-Fi

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    Since yesterday, the Wi-Fi of my VR600 stopped working. Every time I try to change any setting in 2.4GHz radio, I got the message "Error code: 9805 Corresponding case not found.". Changing settings in 5.0GHz doesn't give me any error but it does not work. When I set to auto channel, it sets 2.4GHz radio to channel 0 and 5GHz to 157.
    I have tried factory reset but nothing changes. LAN switching works perfectly and Internet connection too.
    Does anybody know how to fix this?

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    Try to upgrade the firmware and contact TP-Link support for some analyze.

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    It's running the latest firmware available - Archer VR600(AU)_V2_170302

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    I installed this version today and it made no difference.

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    It seems to be a hardware issue. Contact your retailer for replacement or contact TP-link for help.

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    Junior Member nimrods is on a distinguished road
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    Was this issue resolved? I have the exact same issue now

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    Your firmware is latest? Seems issue not resolved. Email tplink to fix it

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    Quote Originally Posted by nimrods View Post
    Was this issue resolved? I have the exact same issue now
    No solution yet. I gave up contacting support, tried two times with no replies. It still works as a modem, switch and others features


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