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    Ping times way too long - Inconsistent network behaviour

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    I need to extend the network for a small shop that has three floors. The router is a 2.4 Ghz band only router but the 2.4GHz is so crowded, that I thought that it would be better to use the 5 GHz band.

    So I bought 2 TP-Link AC1200 RE305 and followed the instructions. I configure both with the same WIFI name because I wanted everything to be the same network, I just wanted the WIFI network to reach the whole shop.

    At first, everything seemed to go well for a couple of hours. Internet worked well and they could connect to their server (which is directly connected to the router via a cable)

    But obvioulsy, it was only for a few hours because it started to go very, very, very slow.

    Sometimes, if you disconnect the computer from the WIFI and you re-connect it, it will go well for a while but a few hours later, it will slow down or even stop working.

    I guess I didn't configure it well but it is driving me crazy and I've read all the faqs around here and some posts and I still don't know how I need to configure this and how to make it work.

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    The RE305 and the router is still connected using 2.4G, which will be interfered by other networks.
    RE305 supports access point mode. This mode can make the connection and speed more stable, but it require the RE305 hardware wired connected to the router.

    If they need to be repeater mode, better to place the two extenders in opposite direction of the router and change the IP address of the two RE305 to different one.

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    Unfortunately, they do need to be used as range extender.
    I'll try to check the IP addresses of both range extenders and make sure that they're different.
    Tahnks for the suggestion

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    For your case, make sure the router is working stable especially when the issue happens.
    Since you have two range extenders, they may interfere with each other. Unplug one and test them one by one.
    If there is a latest firmware, upgrade the firmware first.


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