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    Nc450 missing the last 30+ hours of recording

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    Hello, i hope somebody can help me.
    I am trying to see the last 30 hours of video on my camera but it is not there, i know my camera was on and working as i had the motion email alerts. I unplugged the camera about an hour ago to take the SD Card out so i could back it up on my computer but not sure why this would cause it? any help would be very much appreciated as i desperately need this video! Everything before yesterday afternoon going back to mid October is all there just not the last 30 ish hours.
    I have looked on the SD card in all of the folders and i have also used the app to scroll back. There are temporary files on the root of the folder but only a few will play and they are from turning it on after i moved it.

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    The camera may stop record if the record button is not enabled.
    Besides, when the sd card is full, the new video will cover the old video.

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    Thank you for your reply. i don't think my camera has a record button, it records automatically when a SD card is inserted. i cant see one on the app either.
    The camera was recording, then for a time of about 30 hours stopped recording, although i have found some of the missing time (not much only a few minutes) in temp files on the SD card.(the camera hadn't been touched or logged into before this random stop of recording.)
    Since i discovered this and reset the camera it seems to be recording again, however the missing time coincidentally happened to be when an event happened which i need the video of, before i send the sd card off to a costly data recovery company i was hoping to find out if there was anyway if knowing if the video even recorded in the first place.
    I'm not a big fan of this camera, it sounded great on specs but in practise it only dumps the video every 15 minutes which means if an event happens, you have to wait potentially up to 15 minutes to be able to view the event! the sound and video are off by about 10 seconds and the email alerts send images captured 5+ seconds after the event was triggered and often send previous images not the current events. Now it seems that i cannot rely on the video being saved, making this camera worthless for anything but live viewing.


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