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Thread: MR200 VPN Issue

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    MR200 VPN Issue

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    Hy i have an mr200 with the latest Firmware

    If i want to connect my Laptop to my companies ipsec vpn the Connection gets established
    But the router will block the Connection.

    I also tried to install the bet Firmware but i am not able to do that, i always get the error 71211

    Is there a way to get the ipsec working?

    Please help

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    Can laptop connect to IPsec VPN?
    What's the current firmware version and hardware version of your MR200?

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    Archer MR200v1_0.9.1_0.0_up_boot(151105)_full_update_1023 _1015.bin

    laptop is able to connect to vpn but no passthough.

    if i insert the simcard to my other dongle everything works fine

    i wanted to upload the beta firmware but no success

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    What's kind of Ipsec VPN?
    Actually PC can't connect to IPsec VPN.
    Besides, your current firmware is a little old. Try some other newer firmware then update to the beta one.

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    it is a fortigate ipsec vpn..
    in the nat Settings ipsec passthrough is enabled.
    the Connection can be established, but there is no traffic through it...

    sorry i have the newest fw on it
    Archer MR200v1_0.9.1_1.1_up_boot_v004a.0 Build 160905 Rel.60037n.bin

    but i am not able to downgrade it to the beta fw, where the issue should be solved...


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