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    TL-PA9020P V2 AU firmware

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    Is there a TL-PA9020P V2 AU firmware available?The Australian web site only has the V1.All that I could get out of tech support was that the website needs updating... Not helpful.

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    What's the current firmware version of your TL-PA9020P?
    It seems there is just one firmware for TL-PA9020P V2 AU Version.

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    Is your TL-PA9020P V2 or V3?
    I find there is TL-PA9020P V3 on Australian website.

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    Current firmware: 3.2.4_902192_161024_901
    The back of it says it is V2.0

    Today they have updated the Australian website and they have two V2 firmware up.
    Which are really just EU firmware in a different file name.

    I am now on 3.2.4_902112_170628_901
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    So actually it is already the latest firmware.


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