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    Downstairs & Upstairs On Separate Fuses In Consumer Box

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    Hi all,

    My house has separate fuses for the downstairs & upstairs sockets. Does this mean they are on different circuits?

    If i plug both my AV1300 Gigabit sockets into downstairs they both have all 3 green lights on.

    When i leave the once connected to the router downstairs and plug the other 1 in upstairs only the power light lights up green, the home light lights up red and the network light is off, while the downstairs one still has all 3 green lights on.

    if this a problem is there a work around, if not the AV1300 Gigabit sockets either have to be both upstairs or both downstairs depending on where i plug the router into.

    My plan was to leave my router downstairs plugged in to socket No1. No2 socket plugged in upstairs connected to my Apple Time Capsule. My CCTV, Computer, Printer, TV connected to my Apple Time Capsule.

    Thanks in advance for any answers, hints and tips.

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    Home light is a mark of the connection status of the two powerline sockets.
    When it is read, it means the connection status is not good and the link speed of them is slow, but they are still connected.
    The fuse box cause some interference but doesn't stop the connection.
    The network light means the connection between the computer and the socket upstairs.
    Check the Ethernet connection between the PC and the socket. Change another PC or Ethernet to test.


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