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    HS200 Switch - Stringify access to scenes and/or away mode

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    Hi all.

    As the integration matures into IFTTT (and hopefully more so with Stringify), it would be a boon to access scenes as an option, plus more importantly, allow lights/switches to be set to away mode rather than a simple on/off.

    I would like to be able to set my home to away mode, and have the Nest go to ECO, engage lights IF it is past sunset (and further, have some lights on and off following a schedule, plus have others go random on off), etc. I can't see how to do this now unless I intervene.

    Keep up the good work! Hardware is working great and richer software integration will push it over the top!


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    Can't agree any more.
    Scene and away mode can be configured on Kasa.
    Using Kasa can to control the switch is the best choice now.


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