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    TD-W9970B DSL connection problem

    Model : TD-W9970B

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 0.9.1 0.2 v0026.0 Build 160413 Rel.41580n

    ISP : T-Mobile CZ[/COLOR]


    I have a problem with my vDSL connection. Every +-40 minutes my router lost connection.

    The interesting point is that it doesnt drop DSL connection, everything seems fine status tab. I think there is maybe some problem with losing DNS connection, cause I am able to ping random IP.

    Manual connection drop and establishing the new one doesnt help, I can "fix" this with restarting router only.

    This appears every +-40 minutes (38-42). I have no problems with connection until 40th minute when connection goes down. No slowdowns, no network spikes, everything is fine. DSL signal is very good according to statistics and DSLAM is 30 meters from my flat.

    I have changed default DNS servers to Google DNS servers, but it doesnt help. I have reset to defaults and set DSL again too but it didnt help either, It is the same everytime.

    Until 40th minute every single test in diagnostic ends with "PASS", when connection drop the last two items failing.

    Test DNS ROOT and Network Connection Status Inspect.

    Could you give me some advice guys?

    Thank you..

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    How about the wired device? Will they drop from the modem as well?
    It seems that you can still login to the modem's page when connection drops.
    Did you ever contact your internet provide to check the line status?
    Suggest you to contact TP-Link support for more analyze if the ISP line is ok.

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    Yes, connection is dropped both on wireless/wired machines..

    My ISP told me, that everything is ok.

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    Do you still have WAN IP address when the connection drops? Did you try hard reset the router to factory settings?

    Quote Originally Posted by AnuX View Post
    Yes, connection is dropped both on wireless/wired machines..

    My ISP told me, that everything is ok.


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