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    EAP245 bricked after firmware upgrade

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    Hello guys!

    I have three eap245 here at my place and upgraded them all to the new firmware released a few days ago (EAP245(US)_V1_170828) and, afterwards, one of my APs got bricked and it's light is not blinking anymore, though it's on and getting some power from my switch, but I can't see it's mac address on my dhcp client list neither can access it through SSH and telnet...

    What can be done to fix it? lol

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    See this link for recovery instructions: http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....0-220-320-only

    For EAP245 you will have to connect to its serial console and to extract the needed files from the firmware image. It's not as easy as with EAP120/220/320, which have a plug for the serial console and files provided there by TP-Link, but its not impossible as you can see on my instructions how to do this for EAPs without serial console plugs.

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    I'll see if my reseller can replace my EAP245, if not, then I'll try your suggestion, thank you anyway.

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    That's not good. Were you trying to update all 3 APs at the same time via EAP Software Controller? Just curious so that others can avoid a similar fate.

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    Nope, I've actually tried to update each one individually as I've thought that a batch update would be a lot convenient, though a bit risky.

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    Have it been fixed?

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    Yes, my reseller has changed my AP for a new one.


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