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    smart switch being dumb

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    new to forum.
    Have 2 wemo plugs, 1 wifi wall switch. Did fine. Had 7 more wall switch installs done 4 days ago. Blinking amber/green. phone (Samsung 7 ) cannot find. Alexa cannot find. Won't connect at all. Have reset one of them on bottom right,(3 times) have reset on bottom left twice. Reset a different one once. Same situation. Did I add too many at once? So frustrated. I have a strong wifi signal but none of these ever shows a connection to the internet. Have reset to 2.4 several times (netgear 6700). laptop connects, phone connects, tv's connect, older plugs and switches are still fine.
    I even cut power to most of the house so only one upstairs was 'hot' and one downstairs. Still no connection to the internet, Alexa, Dot, Echo cannot discover. And.. remote access won't enable but that's the least of my worries right now.

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    I replied your previous post.
    The switches are just not configured fine.
    Using Kasa to add them first and enable remote control, they will work.

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    done and DONE

    Oddly, they just wouldn't install but last night all 7 suddenly became viable and connected.
    I think TP-Link should put the number of each one on the packaging, not on the back of the unit that will have been installed. thx


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