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    TL WA901 ND impossible to set it up

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hello Everyone,
    basically, I have been trying to set up this AP in order to use WIFI and connect both my laptop and phone to the Internet through my building's network (we have an Ethernet socket on the wall for the purpose).
    When the LAN cable is not plugged into the AP, I am able to access the configuration page. As soon as I connect the AP to the Ethernet socket on the wall, however, the wifi connection between the AP and my computer/phone starts going on and off, and it becomes impossible to access the configuration page or the internet. Even when a wifi connection is established, the configuration page remains inaccessible so long as the ethernet cable remains plugged in.

    Any idea?
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    The TL-WA901ND has a default login IP but it will change to something else assigned by your router after it is connected to the router.
    You can find the IP address of TL-WA901ND on the router's DHCP client list or change the IP address of it to the one with the same subnet as your main router.
    Turn the smart DHCP to static, go to Lan and change the Lan IP address. If your router's IP address is, change the Lan IP address of the AP to

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