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    Away mode for bulbs?

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    In recent weeks I've acquired a whole set of TP-Link smart light switches, sockets, and bulbs. They all work great. I'm quite impressed with how easily and reliably they connected to my WiFi network and initialized in the Kasa app with no problems at all. I've become accustomed to struggling a bit with new WiFi devices to get them properly set up.

    There's just one thing that puzzles me. Why don't the light bulbs support the Away mode, with randomized on/off times? I've seen a few product sale sites claim that they do, but I think they're mistaken - apparently they just assumed like I did that there would be no reason that the light switches would have this feature and the bulbs not. But it certainly doesn't appear in the manual, so I assume it was deliberately left out.

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    Good idea. You can feedback to TP-Link support.


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