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    TL-PA9020 latest firmware

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I've just noticed a new firmware for my units

    Published Date: 2017-07-03

    Am I correct in that I need this utility to update them all?

    Published Date 2017-07-07

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    Update failed

    Current version is 3.2.0_902131_160405_903

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    Is your TL-PA9020 UK version or EU version? UK version should upgrade UK firmware.
    Suggest you to update to one published on

    2016-10-25 first.

    Remember to extract it first.

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    I bought from Amazon UK so I presume it's the UK

    I see the link above is EU, I should be using the following I guess, I can't see 2016-10-25 on there though?


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    Upgrading via Ethernet is more reliable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Vogon View Post
    Upgrading via Ethernet is more reliable.
    There's no other way is there? I thought the Utility only works if you're connected via ethernet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave77 View Post
    There's no other way is there? I thought the Utility only works if you're connected via ethernet
    The tpPLC software also works over WiFi and / or Powerline.

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    Your TL-PA9020 is UK version. Upgrade to the last UK firmware.

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    Angry Update Failed

    same problem here. just bought a AV2000 1.0 EU version, downloaded the last firmware and utility, tried on MAC and Windows and update always fails.

    3.2.4_902011_161009_902 is the version in the adapters and I'm trying to update to this one TL-PA9020P KIT(EU)_V1_170628

    Every time I try the upgrade it says Update Failed.

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    any ideas?

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    in my case problem was solved. the portuguese website fooled me with files available and I was getting the 9020P version...


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