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    [TL-WPA4220TKIT V1.20] Download Speed Problem

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    So I purchased the TL-WPA4220TKIT V1.20 (pack of 3) from Amazon at the beginning of September, to replace some faulty ones I'd purchased the year before. My WiFi reach around the house was pretty bad until I brought these, and they kept pretty much the same speeds as the router when it was vanilla (3-5Mbps Download, 0.8Mbps Upload).

    Last week I upgraded to Sky Fibre and am now receiving around 30+Mbps Download and 8-9 Upload speeds now. I reset the adaptors and had it all back up and running again. The speeds were consistent with the router and were being boosted around the house with no problem. Over the last few days or so however the speeds have massively dropped from the power line adapters. They now come in under 5Mbps Download and drops to about 1-2Mbps as the day goes on. But weirdly the Upload speed is still consistent and stays at 8-9Mbps, no matter how low the Download speed goes.

    Are these faulty as well? I was expecting a slight drop off of a few Mbps, not for it to drop completely below my old speed, as it makes it kind of useless. Should I try resetting them or updating their firmware?

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    Did you add some electrical devices recently? It may be caused by the interference.
    Move the powerline adapters away from other electrical device and power adapters, and plug them both into the power socket.
    Or check the speed when they are close and both in the router room.

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    Well you should definitely update the firmware if it's not current. Make sure you plug the PLCs directly into wall sockets and not into extension leads.


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